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Can you record EVP from a 'tuned out' radio or TV like in the movie?
You can.  But the radio/TV can only be used as a sound source.  AM radio signals offer a better recording opportunity than FM as it offers variability in amplitude and frequency.  A Digital Note Taker or IC Recorder can be an excellent source for EVP because the electronic circuitry replaces externally supplied noise such as fans or coffee perculators!
In the movie, the Keaton character apparently used a 'Computer Program' that produced visual AND audio white noise - and sat there watching video tape - for hours and hours!    Very boring and not required.    Please do not do this!      There was no ITC consultancy prior to making of the film.
EVP is 'Voice Communication - across the veil - using technology.  Some people refer to it as "Technology Augmented Mediumship".    Since communication is apt to occur in any technology - Instrument Trans Communication (ITC) - was coined to describe all forms of this phenomenal communication, including EVP.   ITC is a better phrase.
I do not understand the idea that entities do not have to be near to me to record their voices.
No one really understands how this communication occurs.  Researchers have found that 'discarnate people' seem better able to communicate in locations that have a history of long-term human occupancy where expressions of strong emotions such as love, fear etc have helped develop an accumulated residual energy, i.e a church or historical site. 
These places seem to have accumulated energy that can assist with etheric to physical communication. That is why these areas become known as 'haunted' not so much because there are resident ghosts, but because etheric entities can more easily make their presence known when we visit these areas.  Using same room and consistent time scheduling over a period of time can help build energy levels required for ongoing effective communication if one is working at home. 
Is there a way to tell if an EVP contact is for real? 
EVP do tend to have specific characteristics that set them apart. They usually do not have a set fundamental frequency and tend to have varying spaces between syllables although speed of delivery may also vary - creating situations where single words may be heard at multiple speeds.   You may also note that strength of signal may be higher at the beginning and conclusion of a spoken statement as energy levels often vary across the recording period.
If you asked a loved one to say 'hello!' and you record "HELLO" - then you probably have recorded an EVP.
The problem is knowing who is talking.  We know some entities are jokesters and will tell you anything.  Is the information particular to the person you are trying to communicate with?  Is the message positive and affirming?
Who is causing EVP messages?
The evidence indicates that the only hypothesis that can explain EVP messages is the Survival Hypothesis, that is, beings, both alien and human, who are now living and communicating at a new level of reality.
How are EVP messages formed?
There is considerable speculation about this question.  The short answer that appears to be emerging from the research that there is some kind of 'mind-to-mind' communication between the entity and the experimenter. The experimenter functions as a medium for this exchange in much the same way that spirit mediums bring messages to the physical.  The message itself, is then to be telekinetically impressed into the recording media.  Even though the evidence seems to support this view, it is apparent that often the experimenter is unaware of his/her part in this transfer of information.
Is there any danger in recording EVP?
There have been no documented instances of lasting problems experienced by EVP/ITC experimenters of which we are aware. The only danger we can see is in the possibility that a researcher who has mental health issues mistaking the meaning and/or intention of the messages. WE ADVISE THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE A HISTORY OF EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY OR WHO ARE ARE EXPERIENCING MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES SHOULD NOT WORK IN THIS FIELD.  It is always important that the experimenter is strong minded and able to use discernment by recognising that the communicating entities are people and that they still have the same ability to mislead as do people still in the flesh.
The evidence found through EVP has shown that the description of "evil" or "demonic" regarding entities is inaccurate.  It is true that some communicating entities reveal themselves to be of relatively low spiritual maturity, but to call them 'demonic' is a misnomer. These entities are typically referred to as "low lights" because the nature of their messages can be abusive or sexually confronting in nature. For instance, it is possible for an entity to masquarade as someone you are seeking to make contact with - even a loved one!   It is also possible that a 'low light" entity might tell you something that is untrue, but something they may believe you want to hear.  This is probably why many of the prophetic EVP have NOT come to pass.
A prolonged period of careful listening to EVP samples has been shown to increase the sensitivity of the researcher to 'sounds' and 'flickers', so its not unusual for researchers to report an apparent increase in their clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities. 
The attitude that I maintain toward a bothersome entity is to try and move this person beyond his/her present predicament. In fact, I have discovered that an important aspect of EVP is the 'rescue' work of helping to move 'stuck' entities into 'the light!'
In the final analysis, there is no obvious danger that a researcher wil 'bring home' an entity that will bother the family.
What should I do in preparation for experimenting with EVP?
The short answer is that you need only turn on the recorder to record EVP.
The long answer is that we recommend that you prepare yourself by learning to focus your attention on the subject at hand.  You need not meditate, but you need to relax, steady your breathing, and feel like your opening your mind to unseen entities around you.
Speak out loud as to any other human presence and request protection and that only the highest good come to you.  Ask that a friend or relative on the Other Side stand by you and protect your communication channel from negative influences (GateKeeper).
Then proceed with you recording, confident that you are standing in the white light of protection.
Tha above may seem melodramatic, or too religious for you, so look at it this way.  By practising a ritual something like the above - you are focusing your attention on the outcome you desire.  By asking for protection, you are telling the world that you INTEND to be safe and declare you do not want any negative contact.  Remember, your words are heard by many people on the Other Side, so declare to them your intention.


Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) has been occurring behind the scenes of everyday living through the medium of electrical and electronic equipment for well over 100 years and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is simply a sub grouping of this fascinating phenomenon.

I have included a brief history on this site to introduce you to some of the pioneers who have researched ITC and EVP over this period of time.

I have also included various examples of ‘captured discarnate speech’ – both residual and active - that have been recorded at different times by different means and from different backgrounds - and hope you are as excited listening to them as I was for the very first time.

Many of these recorded messages captured by IC / micro cassette recorders (about 1500) are personally dynamic messages of hope from those’ beyond’ and many are validating comments about the reality of our ongoing existence beyond this physical realm.

More than ever today, our lives need to be redefined from a multidimensional point of view and through the contemporary insights of quantum science and an absolute wealth of shared empirical validations by other researchers on the global internet circuit - we stand at a very special moment in time.  


Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.  Emerson

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. Kahlil Gibran

We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are. - Talmud

People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun's out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross




The Survival Hypothesis holds that we are non-physical entities who are able to exist in the physical aspect of reality because of our physical body, but that when our physical body dies, we as Self change our point of view to non-physical reality.  In effect, we exist before and after our current lifetime.  The working hypothesis supported by AA-EVP is that these messages are, indeed, non-physical in origin and that the Survival Hypothesis is essentially correct.  However, even though the fact of these messages can be demonstrated, their origin cannot.  Considering this, it is the goal of AA-EVP and its membership to find ways to improve the reception of these messages and to better understand their origin.

 Background on EVP

 Electronic voice phenomena came to light in 1959 when the Swedish filmmaker Friedrich Juergenson unwittingly captured voices on audiotape. After recording birdsong in a forest, Juergenson discovered on playback that there was a distinct male voice remarking about birdsong at night! Listening carefully, Juergenson also heard the voice of his deceased Mother! After his discovery, Juergenson went on to record hundreds of 'spirit voices' for the following four years and consequently published a book in Swedish in 1964 called "Voices From The Universe", this book was followed by another called "Radio Contact With The Dead".

Juergensons' book "Radio Contact With The Dead" was later translated into German and this caught the attention of Dr Konstantin Raudive a Latvian Psychologist. Dr Raudive was at first sceptical of Juergensons' claims but after many successful experiments, he too recorded hundreds of voices including that of his own deceased Mother. It is from Dr Konstantin Raudive that we get the term Raudive Voices.

Since the late 50's, many people have recorded voices on audiotape and now digital media and the obtaining of EVP samples has become common practice in the activities of those investigating paranormal activity.


Question: What is Electronic Voice Phenomena?


Voices and sounds that should not be present, have been found in recording medium and heard on electronic devices since the beginning of the electronic revolution. These voices are frequently evidential, and are often responses that are appropriate to questions asked. As the number and types of different electronic equipment come into being people report receiving messages on them.


Talking Point: EVP are not caused by stray Radio signals.


One of the biggest misconceptions about EVP is that EVP are caused by stray radio signals and are not phenomenal at all. Experimenters have conducted recordings in rooms that were screened from sound and electromagnetic radiation. EVP was still received. Just this year association member and ex-NASA scientist, Alexander MacRae, conducted recordings at the Institute of Noetics Science in Petaluma California in a room that was shielded from all electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves and laser beams. The lab was also shielded against all acoustic waves including audio sound, infra-sound and ultrasonic waves.


Question: What is the source of these voices?


Many people believe the voices are from discarnate people. In fact, many experimenters report having recorded messages from deceased loved ones. But messages have also been received from those that say that they have never lived on earth.


Talking Point: The “Dead” have been communicating through machines since the 1900s.


Many may be shocked to learn that the so called dead have been communicating across the veil through electronic devices since the early 1900s. There were anomalous Morse Code signals. Two priests were working on producing clearer Gregorian chants and were using a wire magnetophone when one recorded the voice of his father.            The earliest known scientific attempt at receiving communication with the so-called dead via recording equipment - apart from Edison's solitary work in the 1920's - was on April 23rd. 1933, in the studios which later became known as Decca Records.             The public became more aware of the phenomena in the early ‘70s when Konstantin Raudive’s Book Breakthrough was published.


Question: How are the voices created?


EVP voices do not have the voice box or fundamental frequencies of human voices. Some research indicates that they are a “thickening” of available sound energy that occurs within the electronic equipment. People depend on the relationship between various frequencies in the spoken word to hear an utterance as a specific word. Without the usual frequency relationships as cues, EVP are often heard differently by different people.


Question: Is it reasonable to think that a person could contact a loved one via EVP?


We have found that the loss of a loved one is a strong motivator for communicating across the veil. There are no guarantees, but many people have made contact with loved ones via EVP. Some experimenters think of this contact as a way of continuing their relationship with loved ones who have not “died,” but who have transitioned to the other side.


Question: How does one go about recording EVP voices?


We would suggest that a person begins with a simple audio recorder. Try to record at the same time each day at first so that the entities will know when to try to get through to you. Make your recording short, only 2 to 10 minuets. As you start the recording announce yourself and ask to hear from those on the other side. Ask a couple of questions and then allow time after the questions for those on the other side to answer you. Be sure to speak your words, rather than trying to communicate in your mind. After you finish the recording listen back to it carefully with a set of headphones. If you hear something, listen to that section of the sound track many times to see if you can make out intelligible words. The use of noise from a radio speaker or other device seems to help Spirit record their voices. You can visit the AA-EVP web site at or purchase the book to get more information on how to record.


Talking Point: There is detailed information in the Butler’s new book on how to record the voices.


The recently released book, There is No Death and There are No Dead, was written by Tom and Lisa Butler as a tool for people who wish to learn about EVP. It includes a comprehensive history of these phenomena, numerous examples, and directions for recording EVP and Video ITC, ideas for haunting investigations and theory about what is known on the subject. Autographing copies are available at http:/ or by writing AA-EVP, PO Box 13111, Reno, NV 89507.



Question: Do people always get voices?


We think that they do but the voices are often faint when people first begin recording. It can take patience to first hear these voices and people often give up and think that they can’t do it. It is because we believe everyone can record these voices that we believe scientists will eventually research the field.


Talking PointThe Paranormal voices provide valuable information. As you will be able to see from the EVP examples one can tell if the voice comes from a man or woman and if it is an adult or child. You can tell if the person is interested in communicating or wants to be left alone. Because of these and other important characteristics, EVP is being used much more as a tool in haunting investigations.


Question: What is Instrumental transCommunications (ITC)?


The term, EVP, was not inclusive enough when people began finding pictures in video loop noise and conducting two-way, real-time communications across the veil so ITC was coined. The AA-EVP is in fact an international organization that is involved with all aspects of technology augmented communication across the veil. We have recently begun experimenting with Video ITC, with which we are able to collect paranormal features such as human faces and animals. We have substantial reason to believe these images are caused by discarnate people. Examples are at and the book tells how to use the Video ITC technique.



Question: Is there any danger in EVP?


In the over fifty years that people around the world have studied these phenomena, there have been no documented instances of lasting problems experienced by EVP and ITC experimenters of which we are aware. The only danger we can see is in the possibility that a person who has mental health issues might mistake the meaning and intention of the messages. We advise that people who have a history of emotional instability or who are experiencing mental health issues should not work in this field. It is always important that the experimenter is able to use discernment by recognizing that the communicating entities are people and that they have the same ability to mislead as do people still in the flesh.


Universal Presence – I ask that only the highest and most evolved entities be attracted to this session today.  I seek those who may enlighten me within my daily life and support my spiritual growth.  May I be blessed with spirits who are pure in heart and deed and of the highest spiritual level I ask this in the name of truth.  And so let it be.


Infinite Intelligence – I lovingly invite my relatives and friends who are on the spirit side of life to communicate with me now.  I welcome their attendance and ask that – if they desire – they communicate messages to me. I offer grateful thanks for their presence today. I ask this in the name of truth.  And so let it be.


A Practical Guide to Recording Paranormal Voices on Tape 



Tape Recorder

Paranormal voices have been recorded on all types of tape recorders.  I, personally, have outstanding success with a Sony portable, hand-held, stereo cassette recorder with an in-built microphone.  It is important that the recorder should have a REVIEW key as well as a digital tape counter.  The REVIEW key enables you to quickly rewind the tape to a suspected EVP utterance so that you can keep repeating the same passage if it is not a Class A sound.  The digital counter, of course, enables you to “log” any EVP utterances so that you can save them for future reference and hearing.


I never bother any more with a separate microphone, useful for bypassing the in-built microphone of the recorder or for dropping into wells and crevices, etc. when needed, but if you want to use one then the omni-directional electret condenser microphone is the most sensitive.  The recorder that I use with the built-in microphone, of course, picks up the vibrational noise of the recorder motor, but this does not bother me as I believe that it may help to enhance the voices.


Headphones should always be used on playback.  I always listen with my eyes closed to allow for extreme concentration and I always use the small in-the-ear type headphones.


Always buy a good type such as TDK, SONY, MAXELL etc. a high sensitivity tape, not longer than 60 minutes as sometimes the longer tapes can tend to ravel.


In the beginning it is better for you to have some kind of background noise so that the unseen communicators can more easily manifest themselves onto the tape by making use of the energy of the background sound.  I usually have Radio Wales on--Welsh language--as there is no confusion when I am winkling out the English-speaking EVP utterances answering my questions etc.  Just how loud or soft to have the radio is something that you will learn with time--not TOO loud and not TOO soft.  You may want to try “mush,” a jumble of foreign language stations usually at night-time, but it must ALWAYS be a fresh, incoming radio signal, not pre-recorded sound.


Although EVP entities will speak on tape at any time of day or night it is advisable, especially at the beginning, to have a regular time and place to do your recording.  A short session of about five minutes on a daily basis is much better than one long recording once a week.  Those in other dimensions soon learn when and where to expect you and you will soon find them waiting for you as you start your taping.  It's a good thing to begin with a short prayer and an invitation to all who can hear you to come, in the spirit of love and friendship, onto your tape recorder.  Speak with pauses of a few seconds in between your words and after each question so that the entities have their say.  You will not know, of course, until play-back what responses you have captured on your tape so when you are ending the session you might want to thank them for listening and speaking, if they were able to do so, and let them know that you will be returning again at the same time the next day.


Listening for EVP is an art that must be learned.  Extreme concentration is needed as many entities speak in soft, whispery tones, often ON TOP of your own voice and also the background sound source.  Not only can the voice entities make themselves heard by modulating sounds, they can also wipe out some content of normal radio transmission or the experimenter's voice and substitute their own messages.  They do this with speech, music and Morse code.

Apart from the voices, which can sound young, old, male, female, mechanical, human, you may also hear musical segments, singing, knocks, whistles, raps, scratches, sighs, whispers and foreign languages.  Also, many sounds, when played at lower or high speeds, turn out to be intelligible words or phrases.  Some voices are also to be found on the wrong or REVERSE side of tapes.  That is, in between the “nonsense” of reversed human voices there are to be found forward-speaking voices!


Question: What are the benefits of membership in the AA-EVP?


Annual membership includes four quarterly newsletters, access to an email sharing service and participation on the Cross-country list of physical addresses. There is an Australian link for local news and information.


The web site is open to the public, but the document archive at and the Idea Exchange are for members only.


Talking Point: The Association held a conference last June.


The theme of the conference was, “Communicating with the Other Side.” Presenters included: Tom and Lisa Butler, AA-EVP Directors; Sarah Estep, AA-EVP founder and author of Voices of Eternity; Dr. Anabela Cardoso, ITC Researcher, and founder - publisher of the International ITC Journal; The Reverend Robert Egby, publisher of the online Parapsychic Journal; monthly column in the British, Psychic News, mental medium and teacher; Mark Macy, long-time ITC researcher, historian, and author of Miracles in the Storm; and, Dennis Hauck, nationally known paranormal investigator, teacher and author of Haunted Places Directory.


Each session was professionally recorded, video or audio, depending on how visual the subject was. These recordings make an excellent educational tool that could be used for schools and private groups as two day seminars. The recordings can be ordered from:

Backcountry Productions
831 Alpine Street
Longmont, CO 80501


Or go to for more information.