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Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) has been occurring behind the scenes of everyday living through the medium of electrical and electronic equipment for well over 100 years and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is simply a sub grouping of this fascinating phenomenon.

I have included a brief history on this site to introduce you to some of the pioneers who have researched ITC and EVP over this period of time.

I have also included various examples of ‘captured discarnate speech’ – both residual and active - that have been recorded at different times by different means and from different backgrounds - and hope you are as excited listening to them as I was for the very first time.

Many of these recorded messages captured by IC / micro cassette recorders (about 1500) are personally dynamic messages of hope from those’ beyond’ and many are validating comments about the reality of our ongoing existence beyond this physical realm.

More than ever today, our lives need to be redefined from a multidimensional point of view and through the contemporary insights of quantum science and an absolute wealth of shared empirical validations by other researchers on the global internet circuit - we stand at a very special moment in time.

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