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 Empirical Evidence for the Reality of Multidimensional Communication

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know - its what we know for sure, that just ain’t so!” Mark Twain


Peter Marshall, the Scottish Presbyterian Minister of “A Man Called Peter” fame, based his ministry in the United States on the following premise,

“Life is a matter of perception, not of proof.”

As an empiricist I need to state at the outset that I require proof on which to base my perception of reality, but Peter Marshall certainly does makes sense when he states that our perceptions shape our reality.

Often our assumptions that serve to form our identity and worldview are accepted without question and without critical challenge.

Many people go from the ‘cradle’ to the ‘grave’ never challenging the thoughts of others or having the courage to question their own assumptions.

No wonder, as Plato said, we live in a world of illusion!

As people of the Western world - we are more likely to be conditioned at an early age to accept as ‘real’ what we only can see and touch around us - and simply dismiss the unseen nature of our existence although I’m sure we all accept the reality and impact of feelings without question, even though they cannot be visibly exhibited in some museum!

This area of ‘cognitive atrophy’ is of major epidemic proportions today as it creates people who hold untested perceptions about life leading to ‘blind unswerving faith in everything unknown’ - or people whose perceptions are always rejected by their ‘adopted mindset’ as being scientifically implausible or bordering on the psychologically dysfunctional !

We either tend to ‘believe everything we understand without cognitive question’ or we ‘reject everything we don’t understand because of mindset rigidity’ .

Many of us in the western world are polarized at one end or the other of this spectrum of cognitive atrophy - and there are not too many people sharing middle ground.

I know I didn’t!

I had life all figured out from a ‘reductionist’ point of view that allowed no scope for any new thought possibilities even when based upon empirical findings.

I had blind faith without cognitive understanding.

Our life perceptions - even for the sake of our mental wellbeing - must be brought into awareness and must be open to question and challenge as we can not afford to continually render layer-upon-layer of unquestioned ignorance on our mindsets through the impact of multiple unexplored perceptions.

Reality is never a given - it is an ongoing interpretive process involving the constant peeling away of unexplored presuppositions and adopted assumptions about life.

The attitude of ‘knowing nothing’ can be a very good starting place for ‘crowded and untested’ worldviews.

I believe we are born all knowing and real - it is only when we start to articulate our thoughts that we can become delusory - but that discussion is for another time!!

Any perception about life must include questioning that supposedly crazy notion that life just may continue beyond the reality of the physical.

And if that is the case - many will need to revise their long-held ‘reductionist’ mindsets for the sake of eternal wholeness and personal integration.

I did.

Many of the experiences of this physical life will reap little positive benefit unless reinterpreted from a broader multidimensional life perspective.

And that has been a major turning point in my life experience and understanding.

Sartre was right in stating that the physical life can be viewed as being ‘meaningless and chaotic”

For if we accept the possibility of an afterlife - and life does end on our physical death - we will have no conscious awareness to worry about!

But if life or, indeed, the ‘heart does go on’ - and I will offer solid irrefutable evidence that it does - and we never consider the possibility of an ongoing existence - we may well end up in a state of conscious turmoil and confusion - with little or no cognitive understanding about our new state of being and its resonance.

For - in the end - one’s cognitive acceptance or denial of an afterlife possibility will directly affect the transition of one's consciousness.

The reason for  raising these issues of perception and worldviews is because what I am now going to present to you on this website will not be easily contained within the perceptions and worldviews of many of you who may read it.

Welcome to the strange yet very real world of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) where your long standing worldview may be challenged beyond your belief.

I simply ask you to open your minds to its possibilities and consider its credibility.

I ask you ‘suspend belief’ so that the facts may broaden your understanding.

Rob Smith

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2007