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EVP – Introduction to EVP samples

I have included some of the clearer recordings of EVPs that I have captured using Sony ICD-B16 and B100 recorders.

The clearer ‘discarnate human voice recordings’ have been reassembled from ‘background chatter’ in public places such as hotels, hospitals and supermarkets and they can only be labelled as ‘phenomenal’ after careful scrutiny of the actual comment recorded  and the age and gender of the person making the comment is determined. (e.g. a young girl in a public bar area of a hotel who states, “I’m going to heaven!”   This message can be classed as phenomenal as no children are allowed – nor were present - in the public bar and the ‘standalone’ comment was not in context with standard ‘bar room’ chatter)



Konstantin - Help You This is Konstatntin Raudive one of the pioneers of EVP advising he will be assisting us in our work about the reality of afterlife communication
Konstantin Raudive 1906 - 1974 (and beyond)

The word, “Survival’ was recorded on my PC at home and I have had this verified by three independent people that the sound is definitely “non-glottal”, that is, not produced by a human larynx.    One of the most exciting words ever recorded for each and every one of us.


Once Earthly Gerry One of my clearer EVPS on Mike into PC again via GoldWave with very minimal

I find that 'physical human voice' is the most easily modified as
'background babble' offers the full spectrum of human sound and resonance
(vowel and consonant expression) that can be more easily modified and
employed by our 'deceased' friends.
Aunt Binny “Aunty Binny” is an adopted Aunt of mine who transitioned about 20 years ago in her 90s.  She was a wonderfully warm and loving human being.  I was so excited to have recorded this statement advising me that ‘she had risen’ and that she is now in a ‘beautiful’ heavenly environment because for many years she suffered from severe arthritis and that old gravely voice has now given away to a youthful excitement about her newfound condition


You are Already Special Robbie An affirmation from another reality:

This female energy is stating that, "we are all special (Bobby)", and that,
"Angels (are) just a live stage!" - possibly meaning it is part of our
ongoing spiritual development
God Bless you Robert  


Hi Mum A Young Girl talking to me, asking if I can hear her, and then telling me,
'she is alright' and sending a high resonant hello to her Mother.

Unfortunately no idea who she is or who her parents are.
I like new friends Robert This Lady advising she likes "having new friends!" Recorded at Royal
Melbourne Hospital Oncology Reception area in 2005